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The Bob Dylan Story

The Bob Dylan Story is the stunning and definitive live concert celebration of rock
music’s greatest icon.
With some of the most memorable songs ever written, Bob Dylan created the
soundtrack for 1960s America, amassing a huge and enduring fanbase that even
extended across the Atlantic to bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
Now Bob and “The Band” transport you back to the Nobel prize winner’s glory days
with a truly authentic and affectionate show, complete with stunningly evocative
visuals and authoritative insights into the stories behind the songs.
The heady idealism of Blowing In The Wind and The Times They Are A Changin;
the electric venom of Subterranean Homesick Blues and Like A Rolling Stone.
Timeless love songs like Lay Lady Lay and I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight; the
mysticism of All Along The Watchtower or Mr Tambourine Man.
The lyrical tour de force of Hurricane to the catchy simplicity of Knocking On
Heaven’s Door – the achingly uplifting Forever Young and the whimsical Mighty
These and many more hits, along with some of the tales behind them, are captured
to perfection with a story arc that starts with JFK’s inauguration speech and returns
almost full circle to his tragic assassination in 1963, in a veritable tour de force
produced by, and starring, bona fide Dylan fans.
Experience the thrill and energy of a full-blown electric Dylan concert planted firmly
in the 1960s, a time when anything seemed possible, in a show that will remind you
what REAL nostalgia feels like, and have you digging out your old vinyl to sustain the
pleasure just that little bit longer.
And don’t forget to shout “Judas”!
“Sounded as close to the man as it’s possible to get” – Scarborough
“Inspiring and moving” – Karina Moreton
“Sensational – could not have been better” – Jeffrey Griffin