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Shh Bang

Peut-Être Theatre - Shh…Bang!


Red, white, noisy, delicate dancing


A fine spun and ethereal dance-theatre performance for children and their adults, playfully exploring silence and noise.

Two characters on a journey through boings, whooshes, tick tocks and cacophony exploring the joy and gentle majesty of sound while learning how to really listen to the silence.


During their adventure they feel the noises with their whole beings and see the sounds around them – all the time developing an understanding of friendship and compromise.

The show toured nationally and internationally including Singapore, China and Malta.

Suitable for 3+ and their grown ups


Running time – 55 minutes including audience dance finale on stage with cast.


Peut- Etre Theatre remind us that there is more on heaven and earth than is imagined….You just have to believe.” British Theatre Guide


We love this because it’s a funny and heartwarming exploration of relationships” Hopper team