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Ezio deliver the most exquisitely crafted and varied songs with a skill that can only come from having toured and recorded constantly for many years. Ezio’s style has always been nearly impossible to describe, their music can range from the highly rhythmical almost manic Latin feeling rock to delicate dreamy ballads that are heartbreakingly honest and deeply poetic. They, at some point in the last twenty years, have been near you. Since the mid nineties they have released a succession of albums all over the world on a variety of major and independent labels. They have toured constantly throughout Europe having probably played your own town hall together with the pub on your corner and were probably equally at home in both. Those that know them cannot believe they are not much better known, they introduce Ezio to their friends, proudly encouraging them to catch a gig. They in turn eventually do the same. In fact word of mouth, fan loyalty and their obvious love of what they do, is how Ezio have survived and stayed true to their music. They have never tried to gain radio plays or column inches by being anything else. An ex manager once proudly announced Ezio cannot be killed with conventional weapons and true to form 2013 has seen them come back with the strongest collection of songs Lunedei has ever written. “Easily one of the UK’s best live bands”. The Guardian “Lyrics like Morrison or Dylan but somehow more in the real world”. The Scotsman

He has also produced the soon to be released album- Adam and The Snake The subject matter will be familiar to Ezio fans, Lunedei writes about the male condition. No one better describes the feeling of being out of control, temptation, male weakness and vulnerability. An Ezio song will rarely mention the word love, will never be schmaltzy but will leave you in no doubt that what you are hearing is straight from the heart. We are used to this from female singer/songwriters, few men open up like this. Audiences at recent gigs and festivals have received the new material with such enthusiasm that 2014 promises to be a very big year for Ezio seeing them return with even more passion and energy. It is time for everyone to discover Ezio.